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Iphone 3G , 3GS,4,4S,5

All Versions 


No Jailbreak Required .

Remote Unlock via IMEI

all iphone versions

Choose IPhone Unlock
Enter your IMEI ( Dial *#06# )
Enter Your Email

Allow 24 hrs for unlock .
No refunds on errors if the IMEI is not entered correctly .
Refunds will be reviewed .
If you purchased an iPhone Service and think your unlock code is incorrect,
If the IMEI is Blacklisted we cannot issue a refund
Check IMEI on http://imei-number.com/imei-validation-check/
If we are wrong, we will refund or process again.
We will soon add black list check to our services .



Instructions For iPhone 5:


1. Make sure your iPhone 5 has wifi access.


2. Insert a non AT&T sim card into your iPhone 5.


3. Wait for your iPhone 5 to restart with activation setup.


4. Wait for your iPhone 5 to search for a network, this may take up to 5 minutes. Once detected, you are done.


If your iPhone 5 does not restart by itself with activation setup, do a manual restart and continue from step 3.


Repeat if neccessary until your iPhone picks up network signal or try the steps below.




Instructions for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G:


1. Make sure your computer has an internet connection.


2. Insert any GSM iPhone compatible active non AT&T sim card such as T-Mobile or Simple Mobile (cannot use Straight Talk, H2O, Sprint or Verizon sim card to do the unlocking process) into your iPhone.


3. Open the iTunes program on your computer, not the iTunes on your iPhone.


4. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the white Apple supplied USB cable.


5. Wait for your iPhone to appear on iTunes on your computer then select your iPhone.

    • If iTunes does detect your iPhone, your iPhone will restart with activation screen. Go through the setup until you see the home screen. Wait for network signal to pick up. You are done.


    • If iTunes does not detect your iPhone or gives an error, disconnect your iPhone then reconnect, wait for detection. You should see the “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked” screen. You are done.


    • If iTunes still has not detected your iPhone, then hold the power button to restart your iPhone with USB cable connected. Your iPhone should restart with the new iPhone setup screen. Proceed through until you see the iPhone’s home screen. You should either see the “Congratulations” screen or if not, just wait for your iPhone to pick up network signal. You are done.


    • If iTunes does detect your iPhone and your iPhone does not restart with activation screen, please try one of the following:

1. Go into Settings, turn airplane mode on then off. Wait for network signal to pick up. This may take more than one attempt. Once your iPhone shows your new network, you are done. If not, try below.


2. Open the Summary tab and make sure you can see the information about your iPhone. In the summary screen, click the Sync button then wait for the sync process to complete. Once syncing is complete, disconnect your iPhone, then reconnect it to iTunes and go through the new iPhone setup process. Wait for your iPhone to pick up signal on the new network. Your iPhone is now done.




Instructions for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G with Restore/Update to newest iOS:


1. Verify that you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.


2. Connect your iPhone to a computer then back up and restore / update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.


3. If you are prompted to back up your iPhone, make sure that you click on the Back Up button. Warning: If you do not back up your iPhone, all your saved media and other data will be erased and you may not be able to recover it.


4. A confirmation window will appear to restore your iPhone. Make sure that you click the Restore and Update button to continue.


5. Read the “Important Information” displayed on the screen as this will describe to you the improvements included in the software update version. Click the Next button to continue.


6. You will be prompted to read and agree with the “Software License Agreement”. Click Agree button to continue.


7. Wait until the process is completed. Do not interrupt your computer or disconnect the iPhone from the USB cable. You will notice that the software will be downloaded by your computer from the iTunes store. A progress message will be displayed during the entire process.  Note: This process may take a while. Depending on your internet connection and the software update file, this process can take at least 30 minutes.


8. Once your iPhone has been restored, the iPhone will automatically restart. Do not disconnect your iPhone. Leave it until it re-appears in iTunes.


9. Within 1-5 minutes, it should show on the iTunes screen “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked”. Keep in mind if you are using an ACTIVE non AT&T sim card, once you are able to pick up signal your iPhone is permanently unlocked even if you do not see the “Congratulations” message from iTunes.

    • If the steps above do not unlock your iPhone (invalid sim), please make sure you use an active AT&T sim card and then restore and reactivate your iPhone with iTunes.


  • If you are using an INACTIVE non AT&T sim card, you will not be able to pick up signal.  However, if you can go through the activation process and get to the home screen, it means your iPhone is unlocked. You can also verify your unlock status by using our iPhone IMEI Check Service.

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