We Have Launched our new Iphone/Ipod Touch App (IOS)





Installations Instructions (IPA File)

Click Here to download

  • Download the linked .IPA File
  • Open Itunes on you PC /Mac
  • Drag and Drop the >IPA File into the Applications Folder
  • Connect your Iphone/Ipod Touch and Sync .

***Note : Tested Only on Jail-broken IOS Devices If you are not Jail-broken and have Successfully installed this app please let us know.

Installation instructions for Jailbroken Iphones/Ipod Touch (Via SSH)

Click Here to download  “.app file”

  • Download linked zippped file
  • Run Transmit
  • Click SFTP
  • Server Is your IOS Devices IP  (If you know how to obtain this skip next step)
  • Go to Settings/wifi/click on the connected network “>” Ip Address is the “Server”
  • As default User Name is “root”  and password is “alpine”
  • Choose “/” as inital path
  • Go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Downloads On some devices or Hit the Applications Shortcut Drag and dropped the unzipped .app file
  • Reboot or respring the device
  • The app should be in you Spring board

***Note : For windows is the same just use Winscp

Apple has not yet approved the app once it is approved you will be able to obtain it via the app store free of charge.

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