Stroths MagicJack Utilities Suite v1.6

**WARNING** Although I don’t see this causing any damage, I take no responsibility for anything this may do to your system. Use at your own risk and please make a backup before running.

8/2009 – Future Work on these tools: I don’t plan on any further development on these tools. I am not ruling it out, but its definitely in my future plans at this time. I have put a lot of my time into this and other MJ related project (i.e. thin client firmware, walkthroughs), so I am moving to the back seat on MJ projects and letting some of the very creative minds here crack the MJ username/password mystery wide open.

I thank you all for your encouraging words and I will still be around since I still use MJ as my backup line now (SIPgate is my primary).

8/1/2009 SIP Info can’t find the data is did before. The latest update changed something which could have been encryption or possibly changing where the sip data is kept. I created a simplified app called SIPDump which basically dumps the magicjack.exe executable and pulls all the string data from it. It’s essentially an easier way to use pmdump. It’s really more of a cleaned up executable dump, but I didn’t feel like renaming it afterwards, so I kept sipdump.

It’s also simplified in that it doesn’t need any entries in the config. Download it and dump it in the MagicJack Utilities Suite directory. Then run it manually and follow the directions. I don’t know where the SIP data is anymore, but post in this thread and maybe someone can figure this out.

Download Stroths SIPDump 1.0

One interesting thing I see is that the MagicJack executable is pulling password data from other locations for some reason. I saw my gmail password in the MagicJack.exe dump which makes me wonder why they are pulling this data. Maybe someone else can clear this up.

7/22/2009 SIP Info 1.6 beta update
Look at the bottom of this post for an updated version of SIP Info

4/9/2009 MJ Update
The suite still appears to work after the 4/9 MJ upgrade for those interested.

I decided to incorporate several of the apps I have written into an easy to use GUI. It includes the SIP Info checker, MJ Upgrader, and some other nice features.

Regarding the SIP Info checker, it will pull your SIP credentials from your MagicJack. This is purely for educational purposes and should NOT be used to circumvent your MJ hardware. This is against their TOS and should not be done.

Stroths MagicJack Utilities Suite v1.6

Here is the previous version just in case the latest version (above) doesn’t work for you or you just like this version.
Stroths MagicJack Utilities Suite v1.5

v1.6 Torrent (compliments of Poo619)

–  – 


1. Unzip the folder and put it where ever you like on your system.

2. Once done, you can run MagicJackSuite.exe and go from there.

3. Update the config from the GUI

4. (Optional) – Create a shortcut to MagicJackSuite.exe on your desktop. This will make it easier to run in the future.

Not really sure if its a bug or not, but sometimes you have to run the SIP Checker app more than once to get the SIP data. It really has to do with the timing of pulling the SIP data when magicjack starts. Since different systems run this at different speeds, its hard to determine a time value that works across the board.
See version 1.5 update as there was a bug in some versions before it.


-Added “MySIPInfoLocation” variable to Optional section of the config file. You can select where you want to save your MySIPinfo.txt now.
-Added mouseover tooltips to each of the buttons on the main interface.
-Added ability to add a startup entry for MagicJack that bypasses the usual MJ splash screen. (suggested by jamesgray)

– Added “Optional” section in config for future options
– Added MJUpgradeURL to Optional config section. Allows you to put in a different URL if you want to download a different upgrade.exe file
– Fixed a possible bug causing a bluescreen on one of my test environments. Appears to be from some code I introduced on v1.2 and continued through v1.41. Might have just been my system, but upgrade just to be safe.

– Added Configuration with GUI interface to make the suite easier to setup.
– Fixed a bug in the GUI where it would not read the values from the config file after changing them in the GUI. Caused it to run with old values until you would exit and restart it. Issue now corrected.
– Optimized some code

– Changed startup registry entry remover to check if key exists and report back if not there

– Added Proxy Name and IP to SIP Info per request

– Added taskkill binary missing by some builds of windows

– Initial Release

Source: I wrote this app using a freeware scripting program called AutoHotKey (

Grep.exe –
Strings.exe –
PMdump.exe –

Also, thanks to all the members here who posted the info that allowed me to write this app.


SIP Info 1.6 Beta 1 – Test Version

It’s been a while since I posted any updates, but since my thread is now a sticky I figured I would provide at least one more update.

Here is an update to the SIP Info that should be more reliable in pulling the SIP Info on the first try. Please read all the info below before running and please provide feedback on if it works better for you than previous versions.

Stroths MagicJack SIPInfo 1.6 beta1

– Added max call duration info
– Removed call delay used in previous versions
– Changed method of pulling proxy name. Should be more reliable. Note that this just pulls what MJ says your proxy should be.

Make sure you already have MJ Suite 1.6 downloaded and setup correctly. Simply overwrite the sipinfo.exe on your computer with the one in the download link. Everything else is the same with the exception of the delay setting in the config. You can set it, but it will be ignored.

Diskspace Concerns: The trade with my new approach is that you will need around 400mb free diskspace (temporarily) running this version. The older versions ran a single dump and searched it for the data needed. This version does the same thing, but 3 times in a row causing around 400mb in files while its running. It deletes the temporary files after it runs just like previous versions.
Use a Thin Client w/MJ
My MJ Utilities Suite – SIP Grabber, Upgrader and More
Flash Memory Lifesaving Tips


10 Digits Linksys PAP2T USA and Canada Dial Plan no Long Distance:


[49]: Anything enclosed within ‘[]’ brackets represents 1 number. In the above case, it’s a number range allowing either a 4 or 9 to fit the dial plan.
In other words, You can dial 411 or 911

S0: (S followed by the number 0) represents ‘Straight Out’. So this part of the dial plan is saying to your PAP2 that should a person dial a sequence of keys that ‘fit’ the above portion of the dial plan, process the call immediately (i.e., without waiting for more digits to be pressed on the keypad).


This part of the Dial Plan will allow yo to dial your 10 digits number without waiting for more digits to be pressed on the keypad.


This part of the Dial Plan will prohibit any long distance calling.

(: The entire dial plan must be enclosed within a pair of brackets ‘()’.

|: The ‘|’ in a dial plan separates each component of that dial plan.

This next calling Plan will avoid any accidental calling to 911.


!: The ‘!’ at the end of the number will prevent the number for been dialed.

Magicjack in a PAP2T Configuration Text Version.

The above Link is a text version configuration for the PAP2T with Magicjack, just download the file and open it up as a text, with Notepad or any text editor, cut and paste as you need and change your Dial Plan and Sip info accordingly.There is also a program mentioned in this Post (Spaconf) that will allow you to backup and also restore your PAP2T configuration using this or any or your own file fast an easy, but that will be another Post discussion.

You can download Spaconf from this following link:


Everything in this configuration looks wonderful except the Dial Plan. The Dial Plan, from the parts that I can see, will not work as desired and will not prevent calls to 1-900 services because of the ambiguities introduced in the first clause. This code, which I published in a thread dedicated to Linksys/Sipura Dial Plans, has no ambiguities in it, and will prevent calls to 900 and 976 services.

([1235-9]11!|411S0|<:1311>[2-9]xxxxxxS0|1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0| 1441!|1473!|1649!|1758!|1767!|1784!|1876!|1[26][68]4!|1[28]68!| 124[26]!|134[05]!|167[01]!|18[06]9!|011!)

Thnks to mberlan for the added code.

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